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About 3rd Wave

3rd Wave is an international company of Chinese-Iranian origin with a history in the crypto mining industry that has decided to introduce a new solution to reduce risk and increase profitability in the crypto mining industry.

All of the firms in this group operate in the form of legal entities. To ensure legal compliance across the globe, subsidiaries exist in Dubai, Hong Kong, and Iran for regulatory requirements.

The Iran China Investment Development Group is already operational in the Middle East, with a powerful mining data center achieving 2,000,000 TH with an aim to further enhance capabilities within and outside the region for technological activities and crypto mining, as needed.

2 Millions TH

Opertional Hashrate Power


ASIC Miner

+ 130

Operational Team

Crypto Mining

The Bitcoin mining industry is growing rapidly and generating approximately 140 million TH and 3rd Wave owns the most powerful crypto mining data center in the Middle East with 2 million TH power, covering an area of 37,500 square meters and over 130 staff.

This is achieved by operating the highest capacity electrical switch room in Iran including 230 kV electrical transmission substation with a capacity of 200 MW.

3rd Wave owns and operates one of the largest mining operations in the Middle East ; and expects to develop by adding 20,000 ASIC miners by the end of 2021.

3rd Wave has already deployed 70,000 miners through the end of Feb, 2021, and continues to aggressively increase its hashrate capacity.

The continuous operation of the mining farm is controlled by an advanced 24/7/365 Command Center and Operations including an in-house repair lab. The power is maintained through a 100% owned full- service electrical engineering subsidiary providing site planning, engineering and maintenance at reduced cost.

Operational Overview

3rd Wave operates advanced Bitcoin mining facilities in Kerman, Iran. We have also decided to invest in the next phases of the Data centers, with the exact locations based on the appropriate weather conditions and the necessary supporting facilities to ensure that sufficient electrical power is available to run the farms. UAE, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan are among the next possible destinations, with the exact decision based on different variables that can only be pinned down at the time of expansion.

Each mining facility in Kerman, Iran is powered by the local inexpensive power. The miners are efficiently maintained by our proprietary management system and highly trained technicians.

Mining Production Overview

3rd Wave has proven itself as an operator and mined Bitcoin at its crypto mining data center in Kerman, Iran.

Introduction and Location

3rd Wave leverages on a few key resources that provide a strong competitive edge in the industry while bringing high value to its investors. The wealth of experience amassed by the founding team members expands on the deep knowledge and understanding they have in cryptocurrency mining, information technology and business management. The deep ties and strong partnerships that they have forged are also used to enable strategic value through networks and connections. Over the years, the team has devised innovative means to optimize and improve the mining process and increase the returns and output of any mining farm.

The batch of mining farms will be located in several countries in each stage through the token distribution of general reserve allocation.

Mining Farm

The most efficient and effective mining rigs are manufactured in Iran, along with all the parts required in servicing. Over 7% of the global hashing power is generated in this country, primarily due to the very low electricity costs and therefore a very good location for the mining industry.

The farm is also set up in a special economic zone that creates lower operating costs, which increase the profitability of the project.

Climate and Power

Situating the mining farm in Iranian province of Kerman brings about benefits that reduce operational overhead. The vast expanse of land combined with a low population allows for land and labor costs to be among one of the lowest in the world.

In addition, the area has significant power wastage resulting in extremely low electrical fees of about 4 cents USD per kWh. With a local steppe climate and an average annual temperature of 17 degrees Celsius, cost savings are also accrued with reduced machine and farm cooling costs.

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Our Vison & Mission

  • Enabling easy public investment in crypto mining by reducing entry barriers, allowing any firm or individual to enjoy the benefits of mining.

  • Be the world’s most innovative green crypto mining.

Key Members

3rd Wave Team

M.Hassan Ranjbar
M.Hassan Ranjbar
Co-founder, COO
Serial Entrepreneur Investor and activist of the crypto mining
Rixo Ou
Rixo Ou
Co-founder, CEO
Serial Entrepreneur Investor and activist of the crypto mining
Iman Afrash
Iman Afrash
CTO, BD Manager
IT,Fintech & Crypto Business & Marketing Strategist & Advisor
M.Reza Rafiy
M.Reza Rafiy
General Operation Manager
Crypto Mining & Data Center Expert
Reza Hashemi
Reza Hashemi
Power Supply Manager
Business Developer Renewable energy specialist
Saad Ullah Butt
Saad Ullah Butt
Head of Content
Author at Tech Bullion, Coin Journal, Coin List and BBE