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A revolutionary product that enables clients to invest in the crypto mining industry on any scale with a smart asset exchange and crypto mining blockchain switching through AI technologies.

The cutting-edge model of 3rd Wave brings to the crypto community the best of both worlds: investing in the crypto mining industry, and managing the crypto assets in the market to get profit in both bull and bear markets.

3rd wave will provide this solution as a service with its own token. The whole process, smart contracts, and algorithmic processes are executed by the 3rd Wave Oracle.


3rd Wave is the first mining operation to propose a system whereby solidity and liquidity based.
3RD Token is a dividend, asset-backed & utility token which is backed by the crypto mining facilities that is make it an stable asset and can be very profitable considering the potential of the crypto market growth and crypto mining profitability. Also, the distribution of a part of the profit to token holders and having utility feature all show the potential for price growth along with receiving a suitable profit share.

All of the firms in this group operate in the form of a parent legal entity as a Trust Company registered in Hong Kong. To ensure legal compliance across the globe, subsidiaries exist in Dubai and Hong Kong for ICO licenses and regulatory requirements.

The Iran China Investment Development Group is already operational crypto mining farm in Iran.

We have good financial benefits including 5 to 20% extra tokens as bonus for investors in different stages of token distribution, which is very fair considering the type of token as well as the distribution of a portion of the profits among the token holders.

A total of 1,000,000,000 has been generated. Upon completion of the ICO, no more Crypto tokens will be issued as it’s a fixed supply token with 76% general reserve and 12% circulating supply.