Corporate Governance

3RD Token

Corporate Governance

3rd Wave’s principles are to support and coordinate blockchain community resources, supervise and protect the operation of 3rd Wave project, while at the same time, helping people to better understand the changes brought about by blockchain technology and the development of the project. This would be done by promoting the use of blockchain technology and related technologies by 3rd Wave enthusiasts, developers, regulators, technicians, practitioners and users worldwide, through joint efforts in education and publicity activities.


Corporate Structure

3rd Wave will engage in the following activities:

  • Instruct and supervise 3rd Wave’s development and the maintenance of systems.
  • Use the best practice governance principles to promote the security and stability of 3rd Wave ecosystem.
  • Fund activities which promote the development of 3rd Wave ecosystem and its related projects


Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee will:

  • Consist of at least 5 people, including 3rd Wave members and independent consultants.
  • Convene a meeting at least four times a year.
  • Advise members on the governance of 3rd Wave.
  • Ensure the continuity by setting the initial terms of committee members to be 2 year and 5 years. Thereafter, all consultants will have a 5-year term.

Members of 3rd Wave will be responsible for the appointment or dismissal of the 3rd Wave’s management team. 3rd Wave plans to appoint a finance director and a legal director to form the initial management team for 3rd Wave operations. The management team will be responsible for:

  • Legal and financial management.
  • The oversight of authorization management process, coverage of application management, financial tracking and reporting, and operational delivery and reporting.
  • Regular submissions of reports to the Advisory Committee.

Our Vison & Mission


  • Enabling easy public investment in crypto mining by reducing entry barriers, allowing any firm or individual to enjoy the benefits of mining.

  • Be the world’s most innovative green crypto mining-backed token.