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Step into a world of assured cybersecurity with Third Wave Innovations’ strategic advisory services.

Our Advisory Services Overview

Ensure the integrity and security of your IT environment with Third Wave. We work jointly with you to protect you from vulnerabilities that can lead to breaches or other major issues. 

Our advisory services team will transform vulnerabilities into fortifications, making us the strategic partner you need for robust risk management.

Virtual Information Security Officer (vISO)

Our virtual experts provide the guidance and leadership needed to establish and maintain a robust cybersecurity posture.

Offensive Security & Penetration Testing

Determines if unauthorized access to key systems and files can be achieved by simulating an attack on your IT system.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes IT vulnerabilities.

Compliance Assessments

Ensure that your organization complies with key regulations such as NIST Framework, ISO, HIPAA, CIS-18 v8, PCI, CMMC, and more.

Network Architecture

Provides you with the guidance you need with network management, segmentation, segregation, and DMZ management.

Maturity Assessments

Assess your cybersecurity maturity and help you evolve towards a more secure and resilient state.

Why Choose Third Wave?

Our unique integration of network and security operations teams with consulting practices ensures we provide solutions, not just identify problems giving you a higher level of business intelligence.


Transparent reporting and oversight, keeps your teams informed about your security posture.

Best Practices

Using industry-recognized standards, we provide a high level of service quality.

Applied Experience

Translate your business objectives into an appropriate security program by applying our practical knowledge and expertise.

Advanced Technical Knowledge

Never fall behind by leveraging our constantly developing methodologies, processes, systems, and tools.

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve compliance with industry standards and regulations, safeguarding your reputation and avoiding penalties.

Incident Preparedness

Be well-prepared for incidents with help from our experienced team with meticulously crafted incident response and recovery plans.

Aligned Technology Solutions

Stay focused on strategy. we can design, implement, integrate, and manage your technology solutions on your behalf.

Policy Confidence

Build confidence in your security policies and procedures with the aid of our industry veterans.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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Third Wave Innovations, a pioneering force in risk management, offers a powerful mix of technology and expertise.

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