Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

In Today’s Rapidly Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape the digital world is relentless and unforgiving. Cyber threats mutate and evolve, demanding a dynamic and robust defense to protect your organization’s digital assets. Traditional security methods are no longer sufficient.

Third Wave’s MDR Service 

Our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service goes beyond mere enhancement; it represents a transformation in safeguarding your digital environment. 

Anchored by our C4 Intelligence Platform™, our MDR service seamlessly unites endpoint, network, cloud, identity, and SaaS application security into a unified, vigilant system. Operational 24/7, our solution provides unwavering surveillance and protection for your organization’s critical assets.

Four Pillars of Our MDR Service


Leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning, we identify both known and emerging threats, ensuring your organization is safeguarded against a spectrum of cyber risks.


Continuous, round-the-clock investigations transform a deluge of alerts into clear, actionable insights, keeping your team both prepared and informed.


Our rapid response system, equipped with automated procedures and expert intervention, acts swiftly to neutralize threats, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.


We offer ongoing support, providing transparent reports on your security status and conducting regular assessments to fortify your defenses.

Powered by MITRE ATT&CK Framework ​

Our MDR service integrates the renowned MITRE ATT&CK framework, offering a deeper understanding of cyber threats and enhancing protection for our clients.

Benefits of Our MITRE-Enhanced MDR:

Enhanced Threat

Gain comprehensive insights into adversary tactics and techniques.

Customized Threat Modeling

Tailored to your specific industry and environment, focusing on the most relevant threats.

Advanced Detection
and Prevention

Custom correlation rules and alerts for effective threat detection and prevention.

Informed Incident

Deep insights into attacker methods for more effective response and mitigation.

Third Wave Innovations, a pioneering force in risk management, offers a powerful mix of technology and expertise.

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