Elevate Your Security and Network Operations​

Unified, Intelligent, and Proactive Risk Management

Revolutionize Risk Management

Our Cyber Network Operations Center (cNOC), powered by the C4 Intelligence Platform™ redefines and streamlines your approach to risk. With a seamless integration of network, security, and business data, our cNOC enables a comprehensive and proactive management of cyber threats.

Cyber Network Operations Center (cNOC)​

Our cNOC is designed as an enhancement for a traditional NOC. With a focus on delivering true business value and removing noise, we recognize the impact of events on your business and the importance of contextual awareness and prioritization.

Core features include:

Comprehensive Defense

cNOC integrates Security, Networking, Compliance, and Risk Management for an all-in-one solution.


Elevate your security readiness with our 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC), providing advanced threat detection​​, threat hunting​​, and incident response support​.


Ensure optimal network performance with our 24/7 monitoring service, offering proactive troubleshooting, swift issue resolution, consistent patch management, and robust disaster recovery support.


Our Compliance services encompasses cybersecurity threat management and compliance monitoring and reporting, connecting threats and incidents with audit information and use case investigations.


Minimize your attack surface through discovery and ongoing monitoring. We create a view of risk based on asset vulnerabilities and presents a profile of risk based on potential exploitation and mitigations.​

The cNOC and C4 Difference

Make the C4 Intelligence Platform your edge – transforming your vase amounts of data into actionable intelligence. Gain context to alarms, correlate observations, mitigate potential impacts, and gain effective mitigation strategies.

Why Choose Third Wave?

Comprehensive Managed Services

Outsourcing components of your network and cybersecurity program allows you to focus on your business while we focus on helping to manage your performance, risks, and exposure.

Consolidated Intelligence

Streamlines system monitoring into a single solution, integrates threat intelligence for deeper threat understanding.

Innovative Platform

Our C4 Intelligence Platform™ is a versatile solution that captures, enhances, and manages data from any source delivering powerful through a single operations console.

Effective Incident Response

Provides expertise and resources for thorough IT and Security incident handling.

Closely Aligned Technology Solutions

Leveraging partnerships with industry leading technology vendors, Third Wave can design, implement, integrate, and manage many of their solutions on your behalf.

Harness the Power of ATT&CK

We integrate the MITRE ATT&CK framework directly within the C4 detection logic to gain a deeper understanding of cyber threats, ensuring our customers receive superior protection and enhanced security.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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