Managed SIEM

Welcome to the forefront of cybersecurity management. Leveraging the C4 Intelligence Platform™ our Managed SIEM system offers strong, adaptable, and thorough security monitoring for any organization. Get ready for smarter, more flexible cybersecurity that’s designed for your needs.

Streamlined and Effective Cybersecurity Solutions

Our Managed SIEM is a unique blend of centralized management, compliance support, and proactive threat intelligence. It’s more than a tool – it’s a security partner.

Centralized Monitoring & Management

Experience a unified view of your security landscape. Leveraging C4, our managed SIEM aggregates events and logs from various sources, enabling your organization to detect and address potential threats more effectively and efficiently.

Centralized Monitoring & Management

Stay ahead with insights into emerging threats and vulnerabilities. Our SIEM integrates diverse threat intelligence feeds, equipping your organization to preempt potential attacks.

Customized Alerts & Notifications

Tailored alert thresholds and notification settings align with your organization’s specific needs, risk tolerance, and operational requirements.

Compliance & Reporting Made Simple

Navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance with ease. Our SIEM facilitates compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and more, through customizable reporting capabilities and adherence to log retention policies.

Scalability & Flexibility

Our system is designed to grow with your business, ensuring robust security without compromise. Its flexible architecture adapts to your evolving operational landscape, giving you peace of mind.

Continuous Updates & Maintenance

Rest assured with the latest security patches, features, and necessary infrastructure upgrades, diligently maintained by our cNOC staff.

Key Features of Third Wave’s SIEM Solution

10 Standard Integrations

Plus 3 Custom Integrations

Base Rule Sets
Based on Compliance Frameworks
3 Custom Dashboards
Plus 5 Custom Rules per Quarter

Partner with Us for Superior SIEM Solutions

Embrace a solution that addresses current security challenges and anticipates future needs. With Third Wave Innovations, you gain a security partner committed to your safety and compliance.
Third Wave Innovations, a pioneering force in risk management, offers a powerful mix of technology and expertise.

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