Strong Partnerships for Unmatched Customer Service

Where Collaboration Meets Innovation in Cybersecurity Support

At Third Wave Innovations, we believe in the power of collaboration to deliver unparalleled customer support. Our network of partners is integral to ensuring that our customers receive the expertise, solutions, and service they need to thrive in today’s dynamic market.

Strategic Partners

Our strategic partners are the cornerstone of our long-term vision for market leadership and innovation. Through these partnerships, we leverage joint strategies that resonate with our comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, enhancing our capacity to offer customers not just support but guidance shaped by collective insights from leading experts in the industry.


In the complex tapestry of cybersecurity, Third Wave partners with Elastic to provide a robust, scalable security analytics platform. 

As an Elastic Verified MSP partner, Third Wave embodies the strength and adaptability of Elastic Security. The partnership enhances endpoint defenses and offers comprehensive visibility into security events, vital for contemporary cyber resilience.

Leveraging Elastic’s capabilities, Third Wave’s C4 Intelligence Platform™ streamlines and consolidates security data, driving efficiency and fortifying clients’ cybersecurity posture. The Elastic Verified badge assures that Third Wave adheres to best-in-class architecture, practices, and resource management.

 With Third Wave Innovations and Elastic, organizations gain the flexibility and scalability needed to counteract evolving threats, supported by a full suite of tools and expert guidance.


Third Wave’s partnership with SentinelOne equips businesses with advanced AI-driven threat detection and response capabilities, ensuring a proactive stance against cyber threats. 

At the heart of this collaboration is the integration of Third Wave’s innovative security solutions with SentinelOne’s autonomous endpoint protection. This combination offers businesses a seamless security experience, fortified by machine learning and intelligent automation for real-time threat mitigation.

 The alliance emphasizes resilience, with Third Wave harnessing SentinelOne’s rapid threat hunting and forensic capabilities to bolster defenses. Clients benefit from enhanced operational efficiency, reduced downtime due to breaches, and a comprehensive security posture that adapts to the evolving digital landscape.

Channel Partners

With a robust network of channel partners, Third Wave Innovations expands its reach, ensuring that customers, regardless of their size or location, have access to our cybersecurity solutions. Our channel partners, including resellers and distributors, are equipped with in-depth training and resources, allowing them to provide prompt and efficient support that aligns with our high standards.

Technical Partners​

Technical partnerships are the bedrock upon which our cutting-edge solutions are built and maintained. Through collaboration with innovators and thought leaders in IT and networking technologies, we ensure that the support we offer is not just reactive but proactive.

These alliances allow us to stay ahead of potential issues, offer timely updates, and deliver advanced solutions that safeguard our customers’ digital landscapes.​


C4 centralizes and simplifies the management of cybersecurity data by seamlessly integrating with a multitude of industry tools. With over 300+ integrations C4 not only consolidates network, security, and compliance data but also enhances threat detection and response by providing a comprehensive view of organizational risks.

A Commitment to Superior Support

At the core of our partnerships is a commitment to exceptional customer support. Together with our partners, we:

Anticipate Needs

Leveraging pooled knowledge to predict and address challenges before they become critical.

Streamline Solutions

Ensuring seamless integration and smooth operations for our customers’ cybersecurity needs.

Stay Ahead of Threats

Constantly evolving our approach to cybersecurity to outpace threats and vulnerabilities.

Educate and Empower

Providing customers with the knowledge to understand potential risks and the tools to counter them effectively.

Interested in Becoming A Partner?

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