Why Third Wave Innovations

In today’s complex risk landscape, understanding and managing risk is more critical than ever. Third Wave Innovations stands at the forefront of this challenge, providing a comprehensive, clear, and accurate view of your organization’s risk profile. 

The realm of risk management sprawls beyond the confines of IT security tools and threat detection. It encompasses the nuanced challenges posed by departments with diverging priorities, operations across multinational landscapes, and the legacy systems that form the operational backbone of numerous enterprises.

Integrated Assurance

Integrated Assurance isn’t just about seeing the entire risk landscape; it’s about understanding the gaps, acting decisively to bridge gaps, and fortifying your organizational resilience. At the core of this prowess is our C4 Intelligence Platform, a robust framework that empower organizations.

 Building a Shield Against Threats

Network Operations

Achieve unparalleled visibility into your network infrastructure, ensuring optimal maintenance of systems and services. 


Elevate your security stance with our vigilant monitoring, threat identification, and incident response. 


Connect incidents to audit trails and investigative use cases, transcending simple incident attribution. 


Our comprehensive risk strategy begins with asset data, enriched with vulnerability tracking and risk scoring, for a holistic defense posture.

What Integrated Assurance Delivers

By aligning our Integrated Assurance framework with your organization’s strategic goals, we ensure that risk management is not just a compliance exercise but a strategic enabler.

Unified Vision

We dismantle the barriers between internal audit, risk management, compliance, and IT security, fostering a culture of collaboration and operational synergy. 

Gap Identification

We uncover and address assurance gaps, enhancing risk management quality and ensuring comprehensive risk visibility.

Operational Alignment

Our unified risk management strategy ensures organizational coherence, reducing fatigue and bolstering the effectiveness of risk management initiatives.

Report Consolidation

We streamline reports and findings into a singular, comprehensive risk overview, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic alignment.

The Third Wave Difference

Applied Experience

We help translate your business objectives into an appropriate security program by applying our practical knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Best Practices

We provide you with a high level of service quality using industry-recognized standards, frameworks, controls, and regulations.

Innovative Platform

Our C4 Intelligence Platform is a versatile solution that captures, enhances, and manages data from any source delivering power through a single operations console.

Cyber Operations Center (cNOC)

We extend the capabilities of individual network and security operations centers by integrating and correlating events from operations technology networks, systems, and devices, information technology networks, systems, and business applications and cybersecurity systems.

Comprehensive Managed Services

Outsourcing components of your network and cybersecurity program allows you to focus on your business while we focus on helping to manage your performance, risks, and exposure.

Closely Aligned Technology Solutions

Leveraging our partnerships with industry-leading technology vendors, we can design, implement, integrate, and manage many of their solutions on your behalf.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

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